Mukaddes Pekin Başdil, who was born in Afyonkarahisar, graduated from Afyon High School and Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy, is one of the first expert esthetician pharmacists who started the dermocosmetic movement in Turkey after 1998 and made it widespread. She has worked actively in dozens of associations and non-governmental organizations, including the commission of the Turkish Pharmacists Association.

For 30 years, she has conducted deep research in the fields of world beliefs and history of religions, mythology and iconography, art history, psychology, political sciences, astrology and world history, and has personally reviewed over 4000 books.

She is also a sociologist, homeopath, aromatherapist, bioresonance therapist and phytotherapist. She also has significant experience as an alpha bioenergist, chiropractor, subconscious and quantum therapist, EFT, reiki, breathing coach, pendulum trainer, spiritual coach, Access Bars and NLP expert.

Mukaddes Pekin Başdil, who is fluent in English, French and Ottoman, worked as a columnist for a newspaper and six magazines for 15 years. She still continues to write for denizlihaber.com and "Ve Kadın" magazine.

She is also one of the authors of the Denizli Five series. The author has three works published independently from the "Denizli Five" series with the titles "Life Means Love", "The Flow of Life" and "Small Pleasures".

In her writings, the subjects presented in a wide framework are analyzed in depth in articles and conveyed to the reader in a fluent language.

She also produced and hosted the program "The Flow of Life with Mukaddes Başdil" on Business Channel Türk TV until the pandemic process.

Since 2019, she continues to broadcast live broadcasts for collective consciousness awareness and awakening on her Instagram and Youtube channel, which she established under her own name.

For the awakening of these lands, are you ready to know the unknown, to say the unsaid, to hear the unheard?

If the sleeping cells will wake up...

Are you ready to wake up from yourself?

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